A reason to react, no balance just a counter attack.
Seeing is believing, while wait for those a leaving.
Some said it’s just the way it is.
For thought or all the naught.
The big blue marble always makes the call.
Half baked, no one to shake.
The things we see should tell it all.
Things at an end, no one to pretend.
That all we’ve done doesn’t count.
For much duality meets brutality.
One or the other may give us the touch.
True love Elise’s most of the time.
If you can find it, give a strong hug from me.
Always on the take, if sometimes on the make.
Bring if strong we are still the free.

© copyright 2013-2015 whocantopit
© Angela Kay Abercrombie Poetry



Posted: 04/04/2015 in WHOCANTOPIT Book of Poetry

It’s time for shaping up or shipping out, we’re way out on a limb.
Now it’s aiming high not laying low, the past looks much too dim.

The avalanche has made its fall and the escalators all have stopped.
With the coup de ta, made the coup de grat and all the corks are popped.

Way down under it’s all the same, as the days way upon top.
And the fleeting sounds of a setting sun, has ushered out the cops.

It’s time for holding on, to holding out, one more time at least.
Lets keep it up, this keeping out, if the ritual of the beast.

© 2013-2015 whocantopit
© Angela Abercrombie Poetry

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Posted: 04/04/2015 in WHOCANTOPIT Book of Poetry

Anyone can try but you claim you’re the saviour.
Anyone can speak the truth if it’s in your favor.

You always claim more than your willing to show us.
We’ve swallowed up your pride, now you control us.

And the meaning to all of us.
And were not sure who to call.
But were not sure what to see.
Have taken what’s left of me.

Everyone is free, isn’t that what they tell us.
Show them what you got and let the rest be jealous.

Take it all in stride and let the free ones be exalted.
Show us how you are and let the poor ones be faulted.

No two people are the same but everyone tries to change you.
They tell you how to be then they start to rearrange you.

In my last futile breath, I’ll do my best.
Trying to stop here but you know it’s no use.
Cause they’ve played on all my fears.

© 2012-2015 whocantopit
© Angela Abercrombie Poetry

Holding fast against the onslaught of new ideas,
that try to penetrate my cerebral fortress.
Standing alone not one in a crowd,
but a crowd of one, inspiration of a higher seat.
Nothing confused with a one man island, but a island of one man.
Holding dear to all ideas firmly planted in the roots of my existence.
I ask for nothing, expecting the same.
Giving a quarter only, when the binds of our society, excepts no other action.
I can co-exist with the brotheren, who know not for my personal freedom.
I, you, me, a trilogy of what we live for.
I am for the present, you for the future, and me thru all time.
Taking my place among the stars.
I can not even see if I, myself, shine in the night.

© 2012-2015
© Angela Abercrombie Poetry

Take a seat
Pick up the chair
Or try it the other way around.
Feast hearty my fellows
No one knows
Where they are bound.

Tonight my friends
We’re modern Romans
No conquering to do quite yet.
Fair well to you lads
People of faith
There are things we’re not to forget.

Tonight my friends
We’re modern Romans
Someone sailed the winds to our backs.
Many good outings
You modern Romans
Try not to fall through the cracks.

Be proud today
Your modern Romans
Maybe civilization is back

© 2012-2015 whocantopit
© Angela Abercrombie Poetry

Living while you’re growing.
Old isn’t always as it seems.
Picking through the nightmares.
To find the few and far in between.

You seem so simplified.
With only days left insincere.
Living far beyond the means.
Just to wash away your fears.

We watched late for the light.
But never saw a thing.
And shed too many tears.
Moving from the gauntlet to the ring.

Having known you further.
Would have been a sweet delight.
Now I’m holding back the sadness.
Seems to take more than all my might.

© 2013-2015 whocantopit
© Angela Abercrombie Poetry